DOSBAS® Introduction

Patented DOSBAS® Fault-Tolerant Safety System and DOBPCS® Charging Balance System

Lithium Ion Batteries can be classified into lithium cobalt, lithium manganese, lithium nickel cobalt, lithium iron phosphate (C-LiFePO4) batteries, etc, depending on which cathode material is applied. C-LiFePO4 batteries possess the key advantages of lithium cobalt, lithium manganese, and lithium nickel cobalt. Because the raw material (mainly consists of phosphorous, lithium and iron) doesn't contain precious metals such as cobalt, the cost will be low. Since there are abundant resources on earth, there is no shortage problem.

The discharge power of a C-LiFePO4 battery is up to 2,000 W/kg and is five times higher than with other lithium ion battery types. Due to the stable molecular structure of the cathode material, the battery will never explode and safety is not an issue. The battery can run stably under extreme working temperatures and the performance will not decay noticeably. Therefore it is most suitable for the new power and energy storage markets.

PHET® C-LiFePO4 batteries are made with innovative cathode materials and are fully automated mass produced. They are generally viewed as the most outstanding, safest eco-friendly energy storage batteries. They meets the demands for various products in the market and are expected to become the new mainstream of lithium ion batteries.

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The PHET® patented battery protection system is composed of the DOSBAS® fault-tolerant safety system and the DOBPCS® charging balance system. The DOSBAS® fault-tolerant safety system will isolate a damaged battery cell by applying circuit with fuse, which prevents the whole battery pack from catching fire and exploding and keeps the battery pack working. Only damaged parts need to be replaced and it is not necessary to replace the whole battery set when doing maintenance.

The DOBPCS® charging balance system will keep the balance among the cells even after a long running time. Fresh cells can automatically match with old cells after maintenance and there is no impact on the performance of the whole battery set. This system can be applied to all kinds of equipment, from small battery sets in electric tools to large battery sets used in electric vehicles and energy storage devices. Unlike common battery management systems (BMS) there is no loss of efficiency when applied to enlarged battery setups. As a result, the PHET® patented battery protection system occupies a position of great superiority and safety in the area of battery customized technologies.

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