Energy Storage

Regulating functions of the storage systems affect energy conversion efficiency of renewable energies such as solar and wind energy and the stability of the power supply. Therefore, the cycle life, charge/discharge performance,  space utilization of the battery, as well as the impact on the environment regarding the storage system, become relatively important.
PHET® C-LiFePO4 battery can be easily installed in every energy storage station that acts as  the power supply of large electric facilities. It's not only ideal for energy saving and environment protection reasons but also combines the benefits of safe, low cost and highly efficient energy storage. Its' application marks a milestone for the battery industry in Taiwan

Advantages of Choosing PHET® C-LiFePO4 Battery

Overcome Space Limitation and Make Space Design of
Energy Storage more flexible

The C-LiFePO4 Battery is smaller and lighter than other types of lithium batteries. It saves more space and the problem of space design limitation is solved, allowing for a more flexible and extensive application.

Improve System Reliability and Energy Storage Stability with High Efficiency

Today, the primary global energy storage solutions are focused on on-grid renewable power systems, auxiliary services, electric transmission and distribution and decentralized network solutions. The United States take the largest portion of newly installed systems, up to 33.4 trillion watts, followed by China and Europe, with 31 trillion wattsand 27.7 trillion watts respectively.
Energy storage facilities need to be built for many large energy supply systems such as solar and wind power generation systems to maintain sufficient power backups. System reliability can be improved with applying PHET® C-LiFePO4 battery on these large energy storage facilities, accompanied with high current and high power charge/discharge functions as well as a long cycle life. Furthermore, the cost of battery replacement and equipment maintenance is effectively decreased.

Stop Environmental Pollution - Power Storage Stations stay in Harmony with the Earth

With the implementation of incentive programs in various countries, the quantity and scale of storage systems are expanding in the world. Sodium sulfur batteries take the biggest portion followed by lithium batteries and lead acid batteries. There has been some concern about the application of C-LiFePO4 batteries in big energy storage systems, but in fact, there are far more economic benefits. Since PHET® C-LiFePO4 batteries  don't contain heavy metal, there is no risk of polluting the environment and therefore they have become the first choice for large energy storage stations.

In 2014, PHET® took further steps to enter the cross-strait new energy battery market, worth trillions of dollars. A "New Energy Project Cooperation and Business Procurement" agreement was signed with the Ningbo Sonluk Holding Group Co., Ltd., which is the largest professional alkaline battery manufacturer in China. It will help to apply the outstanding features of PHET® C-LiFePO4 batteries  outstanding characters of high power output, wide operating temperature range and eco-friendly be applied to pure electric vehicle, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, electric buses, solar or wind power generation system, and backup power system of telecommunication devices. With sufficient resources of technology and ability of innovation, PHET® will be expected to grow up in battery market and become one of the largest power battery suppliers across the strait within five years.