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Pihsiang Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Abbreviated as PHET®), established in 1998, focuses on R&D, manufacturing and marketing of C-LiFePO4 batteries and is the first manufacturer to mass produce C-LiFePO4 batteries that ensure high safety, a long cycle life and a high discharging rate. Our total paid up capital is NT$1.94 billion, with approximately 120 staff members. Plant and R&D center are located in Hsingchu Industrial Park with a total area of over 16,500m2. The current annual maximum capacity is around 20 million Ah and is expected to increase to 150 million Ah in the near future.

PHET® owns multiple world patents and has developed highly reliable battery assembly technology, including the world patented DOSBAS® fault-tolerant safety system and the world patented DOBPCS® charging balance system. These constitute the firm basis to keep PHET® more competitive in the industry. With vertical integration and innovative development, PHET® provides customers with the following products.

  • Single Cells
  • Battery Packs
  • Battery Modules
  • Patented Battery Protection Systems
  • Mechatronics System “Total Solution” services
  • Customized Battery Packs for Aero and National Defense

PHET® also offers battery solutions through advanced R&D and integrative technology to"electric vehicles", "energy storage system" and "special devices" fields. With a solid business strategy, excellent brand image and popularity of PHET® products have been successfully established in the new energy power battery market. Today, PHET® has a wide range of clients such as manufacturers of pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, electric buses, solar or wind power energy storage systems as well as communication and military devices.

PHET® is determined to develop high efficiency, low environment impact products and has integrated upstream and downstream of industry chain by applying rich experiences of electromechanical integration technology. Thus, PHET® possesses core technologies and mass production capabilities in the fields of green energy storages, electrical transportation, and electric tools. In any customized or cooperation case, PHET® will provide a battery solution with high safety, high capacity, long cycle life, fast charging and eco-friendly character and also offer new options that consider both,  energy storage and environmental protection at the same time.

Company Pihsiang Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Established November 5, 1998
Capital NT$1.94 billion
Chairman      Ronald Wu
Address No. 7, Gongyeh 5 Road, Hsinchu Industry Park, Huko, Hsinchu 30352, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Telephone +886-3-5977360
Fax +886-3-5978574
Main Products 18650 C-LiFePO4 battery cell、C-LiFePO4 battery pack、C-LiFePO4 battery module 、Patented battery protection system、Customized battery pack

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