Company Milestone

Nov. 1998 Company Established
Oct. 2000 18650 cylindrical cell passed UL1642 safety certification test
Jun. 2003 Awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification
May 2005 Renamed as “Pihsiang Energy Technology Co., Ltd.”
May 2005 Mass Produce Lithium Iron Phosphate battery
May 2009 “DOSBAS®” fault-tolerant battery pack safety system was documented at EVS24 
(the 24th Electric Vehicle Symposium) in Stavanger, Norway, being accepted for
dialogue presentation by the EVS-24 Scientific Committee.
Aug. 2009  18650 Lithium Iron Phosphate cylindrical cell passed RoHS compliant test by SGS
Aug. 2010 Signed agreement with Russian government and has been appointed as the
eysupplier of battery for the Mars Project in the space.
Sep. 2010  PHET CEO Dr. Donald Wu was invited by WEC and presented LTO battery performing on
the pure EV in Hydro Quebec and demonstrated quick charging technology (full
charging within 5 minutes)
May 2013 18650 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery module passed ITRI (Industrial Technology
Research Institute) test and applied to EV certification.
Nov. 2014 Sign Commercial Agreement with Fubank (Holding) LTD.
Jul.  2015 Initial public offering (IPO) of company equity
Dec. 2015 Go listed on Taipei Exchange Emerging Stock Board, abbreviated as PHET,stock code 6551